The Sacramental Home Oratory Fellowship

Is a fellowship of like minded brothers and sisters in Christ, who worship in home chapels, oratories. We are Independent Catholic clergy, but also have lay members. A “United Collective in Christ”. Every individual is autonomous but with a common thread. Many of our members celebrate a private/solo mass. Others celebrate with family and friends. Some are purely solitary.

John Plummer in his book “The Many Paths of the Independent Sacramental Movement” writes

“ Many Independent Catholic clergy are “essentially alone in their priestly practice”[47] and exercise a primarily solitary vocation, with many of their family members and friends not even knowing of their clerical status.[48] In line with Jesus’ command to pray to God in secret[49] and with the monastic tradition of hermit priests (e.g., Catholic Carthusians) praying alone but in mystical union with the entire church and interceding for the entire world, much of their worship is performed in private.[50] Plummer suggests: “A growing number of clergy are comfortable with private celebration, when a community is not available, or if they have discerned that their vocation is largely a hidden one….Private celebration is often grounded in a deep conviction of the objective reality and efficacy of the sacraments. From such a perspective, even a mass said in one’s living room unknown to any other soul, is still a radiant gift to the world, and a powerful prayer for those held in mind and heart. On a less exalted level, private masses for those without a community enforce one’s priestly identity, which may be outwardly expressed in less obvious ways.”[51] Practically speaking, Plummer says, “viable independent communities are not always easily created, and these clergy would deprive themselves of the benefits of communion, and of the joining of themselves to Christ in his sacrifice, if they waited for the presence of others in order to approach the altar.”[52] When engaged in ministry with others, Independent Catholic priests often see themselves as missionaries, freely sharing the grace of the Church’s sacraments with those who may not regularly participate in a church community. “

For this reason the Sacramental Home Oratory Fellowship was established. It is not our intention to form another jurisdiction (Church) but simply a platform where members can network and fellowship and form friendships to share prayer, and resources and information.

1/ Through our facebook group page “Independent Catholics Church at Home Network”
2/ Through our “members international email list”
3/ Establish “Meetings and Conferences” where practically possible, but also on Skype, Oovoo, etc.
4/ To pray for one another

We welcome all, clergy and laypersons to join us, visit our facebook group
Independent Catholics Church at Home Network or email us sacramentaloratory@gmail.com


We are a Religious Order of the Catholic Faith of the first seven hundred years of the Church history expressing fully St. Ignatius writing “Where there is Jesus Christ there is the Catholic Church.” We hold true to Holy Tradition, we are the best modern day religious order were priests feel the most comfortable in doing God ministry, a true home for those priests who wish to be part of a real ministry.

We are apostolic in nature and tradition through our communion in faith with Christ Jesus through the Apostolic Succession of his Holiness the Patriarch Dr.+John Paul Hozvicka SCJ, DD, founder and spiritual father of our Order. We are one with the Eastern Orthodox Churches and with the Roman Catholic Churches because we can trace of tradition and history right back to the Apostles themselves.


The Society of Saint Ignatius is a Jesuit religious order in the Old Catholic Churches International.